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About Me

I am a multi-disciplinary researcher seeking to enhance privacy, expression and trust within socio-technical systems ranging from legacy messaging platforms to the metaverse. My research focuses at the intersection of technology policy and communication studies, providing implications for platform governance through understanding user perceptions and decision-making. 


My dissertation, "We Hit Turbulence: Governing Screenshot Collection and Sharing of Digital Messages"  focused on screenshot collection and sharing of digital messages, conceptualizing these behaviors as harms to privacy. Results showcase the power of platform design in governing information management as well as inconsistencies across law and policy in regulating privacy breaches by authorized users. 

I earned my PhD from the Division of Emerging Media Studies at Boston University in February 2024 after receiving my BS in Communication from Cornell University. I am also a Research Analyst for the University of Virginia School of Law, where I have worked on projects focused on protecting intimate privacy. Previously, I was a Policy Consultant for the Future of Privacy Forum's Youth and Education Policy team.

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